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The pressure of looking good has never been as bad and as narrow spectrum as it is today. Every woman, no matter how pretty,...

Dove Love Your Curls Campaign advideo

Dove is famous for two things; its milky white products and its long conversational ads about real beauty and self-esteem. Since 2004 when the Dove...


Media owes a long standing apology to women. The Gender representation by media is becoming ridiculous audacious. This video is a reversal to this audacity. What if men posed exactly like women! Imagine and watch this funny but a harsh reality of media bytes!


Molestation and eve teasing are slowly becoming a part of every woman's life experiences. That day after tomorrow- a short film, shows how it should not. This is brilliance with lots of possible real life application.


Men have always done this so have woman. Exaggerated Moral Talking. Watch this extremely annoying and disgusting responses of Indian men towards women.

A video that explains it all. The world hates Women. Its evident here. This will shock you, bother you and hopefully make the world aware too.

A video that shows how Rape is not all about sex , its much beyond that. A simple yet powerful message that is truly worth a watch.

This is a story that speaks through selfies! Brown's selfie story simply put , yet speaks a thousand words!!

This P&G Act like a girl Campaign is nothing that you may have seen before.

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