This guy took the love for Birds to a whole new level! Perfect!!

The best way to use recycled bottles!

Best creative T-shirt designs ever. This is just too amazing!


Watch Christian Schallert's tiny house transform into an incredible spacious fully furnished apartment!

Dogs are absolutely adorable. The more the better. We bring you a super cute picture presentation of the Dogs of the World. Enjoy this Visual treat and educate more fellas!

Gemma Correll, a British cartoonist has come up with a quirky guide for restaurant goers. She is known for her humorous outlook on the...

The iconic characters from 'The Avengers' are mostly seen as superheroes who fearlessly fight to save the world. Their characters are associated with macho-ness...

Apple, Samsung, Facebook etc. are the stalwarts of modern technology today. Seeing the logos of these tech companies is quite amusing! How would it...

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