Pass this new coke song and have a delightful afternoon!

Some people forget to think the not so obvious or sometimes the very obvious!! Hilarious advertisements can be very very misleading!!

No More's Super Bowl ad on domestic violencevideo

The first ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and sexual assault is here and already has everyone talking about it. The ad is...

Budweiser Lost Dog Super Bowl commercialvideo

Budweiser released an adorable puppy-love commercial in 2014 that literally featured a pup and a horse. The commercial was a huge hit last year...

Dove Love Your Curls Campaign advideo

Dove is famous for two things; its milky white products and its long conversational ads about real beauty and self-esteem. Since 2004 when the Dove...

award winning Dutch commercial - Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundationvideo

A dog is man’s best friend, but a service dog is much more than being just that. This 35-sec award winning Dutch commercial shows...

McDonald's Archenemies ad campaignvideo

  The worldwide popular fast-food chain, McDonald’s has decided to redefine its long standing tagline “I’m lovin it” with a greater emphasis on the word...


This old cadbury dairy milk advertisement will never be forgotten. One of the best ads ever. Will always be cherished.


Diwali brings a lot of light and smile in everybody who likes to celebrate it. But, the greatest joy comes from celebrating with others. This advertisement shows how Diwali is all about spreading joy and happiness.


An animated movie that will show a thousand reasons to become an organ donor. Something that should be encouraged in all the countries because to save a life is to save a thousand smiles.

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