1) You have to clean you house at least 2-3 times a day

Cleaning 1

It’s a routine. You have to see your house sparkling all the time. Anything lying unattended annoys you no end.

2) You are never satisfied with anyone else’s cleaning

Cleaning 2

It’s something only you understand and only you will follow. Anyone else helping you is just delaying work for you.

3) You cannot sleep properly.

Cleaning 3

Sleep is directly related to how well you have cleaned today. Anything that is kept unclean will leave you sleepless.

4) Spots or cobwebs will never go unnoticed or unattended.

cleaning 4

The first thing that will be noticed and taken care of are the spots or cobwebs. They have to be immediately out of your sight.

5) You plan your days for cleanliness.

Cleaning 5

You have you marked your calendar with the specific dates you would go cleaning your house. Every corner is your target that day.

6) You can clean not only your house but you will gladly do for others as well.

Cleaning 6

You can go on and on about cleaning! You don’t care of you surprise others!

7) You have specific brands of cleaning liquids or detergents. You cannot deal with other liquids at all.

Cleaning 7

When it comes to cleaning you can’t just compromise with anything. You have to have a specific brand. Otherwise it’s just not clean.

8) You have to clean wherever you go.

cleaning 8

It’s like an impulse. Wherever you go you just start cleaning.

9) You are always appreciated for keeping your house or premises clean.


People marvel at your cleaning skills. No one can match you.


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