Indian Parents 1

Indian kids grow up is a super protected environment. So much so that they are told how to think, dress, walk , talk and everything between this. Read some of these commonly heard and I am sure experienced guidelines from our parents. This is ridiculously true!

1) Bado se aise baat nai karte

Indian Parent7

Parents feels extra hurt when their little ones back answer or question something that is imposed on them. Your parents words are the final guidelines for you. You have no knowledge what so ever. Its basically that simple!

2)Toh beta, aage kya socha hai. Science ya Engineering.

Indian Parents 3

Science, Engineering. Rest all are just farce career choices. To make a living you have to choose between these two options. Agree or not!

3)Yeh kya pehna hai. Kuch aur pehne ke aao.

Indian Parents 4

Both the sexes eventually have to face this. What to wear and what not to wear. What colors look good and what style looks decent. Everything else is just attracting undue attention. So deal with the drama and change into something absurd!

4)Sharma ji ke bete ko dekho din mein 9 ghanta padta hai. Tu kyu nai kar sakta, Nalayak!

Indian Parents 5

Studies, sports, homework and everything else is compared to Some random uncle’s son . Otherwise how will you be measured for your achievements? Its  always  about some Sharmaji, Gupta ji , Dubey Ji’s  Son!

5)Sirf Khel Kudne se career nai banta.

Indian parents 6

Studies are the most important thing in your life. You have live by it, for it, because of it. Sports or any playtime is just wasting your time. Only and Only studies guarantee success rest all is just pure waste of time.

6)Chai pene se kale pad jao ge.

Indian parents 7

This is really really odd. Drinking tea makes your complexion turn dark. Seriously! How?!

7)Paise Ped pe nai ugte.

Indian Parents 8

Your money management lessons started with this line. Be careful. Don’t you dare question that analogy!

8)Tumhe yeh sab jaan ne ki zarrorat nai.

indian parents 9

The censored questions have just one answer. Now is not the time. Let your curious mind wander.

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