1)You avoid all important work on Mondays.

Hate mondays 1

Anything that is important and exciting can never be associated with Mondays. You just cannot work on that day. It’s like Black day for you.

2)Your facebook and Watsapp messages are all about I hate Mondays.

Hate mondays 2

You instantly associated with all the I Hate Monday pics on facebook and your watsapp status has to change too. Like you are screaming hatred towards Monday from all possible ways.

3)Friday is your favorite and Monday is your enemy.

Hate mondays 3

Friday is like your mood charger and Monday is your mood destroyer. You are convinced that nothing good can happen to you on that day.

4)You automatically slip in a grumpy mood.

Hate monday 4

Waking up on Monday morning is a war within. It’s even worse than meeting deadlines. Your mood automatically slips into grumpiness and you really can’t change your mood…

5)You consciously look for signs of quitting work on Monday.

Hate monday 5

You body temperature, your bowel control, your relatives health all of it suddenly seek your attention. At least that is what you think to yourself!

6)You seriously wish Monday is declared as Weekly Off.

Hate monday 6

You genuinely believe Mondays should be called extended Sunday and as the name goes it should just be an extended holiday too.

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