1) You confuse with the name of vegetables.

Nonveg 1

You have a hard time naming vegetables in the market. You cannot name, recognize or make sense out of them. You wonder how people eat just the greens.

2)For you, non- veg not eaten is simply food not eaten.

Non veg 2

A day without non-veg eaten is totally wasted. You are so going to compensate it the next day!

3)You can travel to far off places just to eat that particular dish.

Non veg 3

Travelling to relish that one particular non-vegetarian dish, at some far off places is really not a problem for you. You in fact look forward for these eat-something-exciting-nonveg trips!!

4)Sunday is incomplete without nonveg

Non veg 4

Sunday Breaksfast, Sunday Lunch, Sunday dinner= Nonveg!

5)You think going to a veg restaurant is waste of money

Non veg 5

You really cannot stand the idea of eating at a veg restaurant. You would prefer starving!

6)You just don’t understand vegetarians.

Nonveg 2

“How do they survive?” Really, How?!

7)You can snack on eggs, Anytime.

Non veg 8

Hungry?? Eat eggs. Simple. Anytime. Anywhere.

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