The pressure of looking good has never been as bad and as narrow spectrum as it is today. Every woman, no matter how pretty, has secretly moped over some inconsequential physical flaw at least once in her life. So when a video comes along that celebrates diversity, we can only smile.

The Buzzfeed video depicts women’s ideal body types throughout history as a fluidly changing social construct right from the Egyptian era to the twenty-first century. Different sized models posed against a subtle backdrop of metaphors that defined the respective era. It seems, every body type fit the socially prescribed mold of beauty in some era.

It shows that beauty is not an assembly-line product that can be bubble wrapped to fit snugly into same sized cartons. Rather, it is a designer product whose secret lies in its uniqueness that refuses to be boxed.

Time, with it, has changed the perceptions of ‘ideal’ beauty. What remained constant, however, is the unquestionable use of beauty as the first and sometimes the sole barometer of a woman’s viability. Till the society changes and its obsession wanes, kudos to such efforts!

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