Taking snaps of the places we love to travel is not a very uncommon scene. Everybody takes pictures for keepsake. Followed by posting on facebook and instagram! Some beg to differ. Teresa Lim, artist and designer came up with a unique solution. She did something unusual and traditional. As and when she traveled to places, instead of taking pictures she embroidered them. She embroiders a scene and creates something really charming. A brilliant idea for people who like to travel solo. Creativity has no end and this for sure is a definite example. Embroidering places you travel is the coolest idea ever!

Teresa Lim 1

Teresa Lim 2

Teresa Lim 3

Teresa Lim 4

Teresa Lim 5

Teresa Lim 6

Teresa Lim 7

Teresa Lim 8

Teresa Lim 9

Teresa Lim 10

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