Budweiser released an adorable puppy-love commercial in 2014 that literally featured a pup and a horse. The commercial was a huge hit last year and topped the Ad-meter. Of course it was the beer commercial that not just made you happy but also emotional at the same time.

This year too, Budweiser has decided to bring back the adorable little Labrador-Retriever pup and the kingly looking Clydesdale horse in a sequence of #Bestbuds for Super Bowl 2015. The spot builds up on the success of “Puppy-Love” with its Lost Dog Super Bowl commercial.

If you still go weak in your knees with a huge awwwww- on your face, get ready because here comes yet another endearing sequel to the most heart-warming pair of the best buds. Gear up for more feels.

Its just tough to wrong with Clydesdales and pups.

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