….no time to see, in broad daylight,
streams full of stars, like skies at night – (leisure).

Little did W.H. Davis know, that a day would come when the neon signs and the city lights would rob the stars of the night.

In 2013, photographer Brad Goldpaint and his partner, Marci Buckner, quit their day jobs and packed their life into a 32 feet motorhome and embarked upon a journey through the western United States to create awareness about the hazardous effects of light pollution while conducting night sky photography workshops.

The above film that is expected to release in 2017, explores the beauty of the night sky from locations deep within high altitude mountains in the Sierra Nevada and low desert floors of the southwest according to Brad Goldpaint. It uses long exposure time-lapse cinematography and engages us in a new celestial visual treat with each passing second. The photos show us the immeasurable beauty that is hidden from us in plain sight, if we would only stop and stare, into the skies of the night.

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