1)You met someone just now and you have already spoken to them about your day!

Talkative person 1

You met someone just 5 mins ago, in a train or bus or some random place and you already have started talking about something that is completely unnecessary. No prices on guessing who started the conversation. You truly believe not talking to the person next to you is RUDE!

2)You speak to random people.

Talkative 2

You don’t need any introduction. You don’t have any preferences. If there is a person next to you, who is seemingly approachable, you have to speak to them. Simple.

3)You take like mindedness too seriously.

Talkative 3

Topics, events, people, places, food you can go on and on about it. No one beats you in this area.

4)If someone else talks to you, you get uncomfortable.

Talkative 4

Someone else talking to you makes you really uncomfortable. It’s like you are waiting them to finish. The moment they stop, you have to start something non-stop.

5)In social occasions, you are the host/ speaker/ Entertainer.

Talkative 5

You are the heart of any social occasion. People love your company. If you are around, they know whom to fall back on when someone has to entertain. You are the perfect host/ speaker/ entertainer!

6)You have to talk to someone everyday giving each detail.

Talkative 6

Detailing is must. It doesn’t really matter whether you have an adventurous day, dull day, and boring day or an eventful day. You must detail.

7)You feel speaking is the only way to solve a problem.

Talkative 7

Silence is not a word in our dictionary. You believe strongly that problem solving can happen only with talking. Talking is therapy for you.

8)You cannot sleep peacefully if you haven’t spoken to anyone in that day.

Talkative 8

Sleep comes to only after having a long discussion with you best buddy. Period.

9)People say you have verbal Diarrhea

Talkative 9

Non stop talking has won you the title Verbal Diarrhea. You really don’t mind been called one!

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