Mesmerizing murmuration of Starlings

One just has to play this video to be awed and humbled by one of the most beautiful and synchronous choreographies seen in nature. These miniature miracles are European starlings – related to the Asian mynah birds, have diverse vocal abilities and a gift for mimicry (which includes car alarms and human speech patterns), iridescent plumage and lay blue eggs!

During autumn, huge flocks of starlings which sometimes run up to 100,000 gather over fields, woodlands and reed beds of UK to engage in a mesmerizing aerial ballet across the vast open sky. Enveloping the sky like a dark blanket, they form waves and ripples, fluidly shifting shapes that resemble jellyfish, dolphins, even hearts. This phenomenon known as Murmuration, is best seen in early evenings just before dusk. They are common in towns and cities near human settlements.

As to how they do it is not fully known, but each starling does what its neighbor does. If you want to witness this spectacle first hand however, a handy tip would be to carry an umbrella or a hat – unless you want a synchronous shower of Starling poop!

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