Dove Love Your Curls Campaign ad
Dove is famous for two things; its milky white products and its long conversational ads about real beauty and self-esteem.

Since 2004 when the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty went on the floor, it has been quite successful in making women love their bodies and love themselves. The beauty company’s newest campaign continues its body-positive message by focusing on all curly-haired girls who wish they had straight hair.

In a video for the “Love Your Curls” campaign, Dove interviewed young girls to see how they felt about their curly hair and organized a surprise to help change their minds. The final scene reveals what Dove has passionately championed for years – whether a mother, teacher, aunt or friend; women can inspire and influence young girls in their lives.

Through #LoveYourCurls, Dove just wants to remind those who have doubts that curly hair is gorgeous. Love your curls. Because you are perfect this way.

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