Tiny House

We live in Mumbai, a space starved city. There is never enough space for anyone. Not in roads, not in trains and not even in apartments. To buy a decent roof over your head you may have to exhaust all you have. But, this man shows us the otherwise. Christian Schallert’s  only 258 square feet (24 square meters) apartment hardly seems large enough to serve as a comfortable home, but Schallert did an amazing job of designing the space to feel like it is immensely bigger than it actually is.

The apartment used to be a pigeon loft at the top of a building transformed it into a remarkable tiny house. What is truly remarkable about the design of this apartment is that the space can change completely because of the mobility of its features. Everything from the kitchen, to closets, to the bed is hidden within the walls of the apartment and panels must be moved to access each of them.Though Schallert’s apartment is one tiny room, it has the ability to easily transform from kitchen, to bedroom, to dining room. This kind of utility is undoubtedly key to being able to comfortably live in such a small space. This is truly inspirational for mumbaikars especially the house hunting ones!

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