Food Challenge

So what is the maximum amount of food one can have at one time. Particularly in the morning hours. Some just have the regular bread omelette, or a juice or one fruit or maybe oatmeal or the traditional poha, upma, dosa, vada. Now we are talking about the world’s largest breakfast challenge and its definitely not what you would want to have in the morning. Randey Santel, a not so huge guy took the challenge of the world’s biggest breakfast! His breakfast comprises of 10 sausages, 10 fried tomatoes, 10 eggs, 5 hashbrowns, chips,10 rashes of bacon, 5-6 white pudding, 10 slices of toast, buttered. Mushrooms and beans. All at one time. All for free meal and free T-shirt! Enjoy watching the mighty win over the food.

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