Life is all about experiences. Some good and some not so good. We all face some forms of crisis from the very beginning of our understanding of life. Some take it as an experience , some take it hard. At such points you find yourself questioning and wondering were did everything go wrong? What you could have done differently to have not experienced troubles? Up teem questions mostly regretful in nature, cross our minds. Its hard to redeem ourselves from these emotions. Encapsulated we feel. We want something to help us cross over and make us feel better for once. Read along, 5 ways to redeem you life. It might just help you cross over.

1) What’s the Hurry?

What's the Hurry

I belong to a profession wherein i am surrounded by people who wish to feel better about them,instantly. we live in world that requires quick fixes for anything from our television to our emotions. Well, the good news is television can be repaired instantly but not emotions. But the bad news is Emotions are fleeting in nature and they can be dealt only with Time. Whenever we face a crisis , we want to run away as far as we can. That leaves us feeling exhausted in the long run. Running away is quick but it just prolongs the recovery process. Hence the trick is to face it or at least be patient with it. Nothing is permanent. Don’t be in a hurry to feel good. Let the emotion take charge for sometime and be a spectator to them. Tell yourself there’s no hurry , the good part of life catches up, eventually.

2) Lose control.

Lose Control

Now this one’s tricky . How do we tell ourselves that imperfections are good?  That not being the center of attraction of the course of our life is okay? These questions take a long time to process. Suddenly you realize you are no more the hero of your life and that life’s unpredictable nature has taken the front seat. At such instances its easy to get panicked with all sorts of deceiving thoughts. Losing control is not a bad thing. It basically reclaims our faith in the higher power. Humans are taught to behave in a structured manner. But, imagine if the evolution was equally a control freak, evolution of mankind would have never happened. So let go of yourself and lose yourself in the process of change. You might be surprised by self.

3) Sit in silence.

Sit in Silence

Again a very very difficult thing to do in the times of crisis. We come from a culture wherein we are taught to think about issues over and over again and find a solution ASAP. We are also taught talking about it over and over again is good for us. Well ,all of this is good. However noticing yourself over doing it is the difficult part. We get so used to a pattern of looking at things or talking about it and hence we refuse to see the other side of the story. Try and sit in silence for sometime. Mentally and physically be present with self. You will experience some strange relief. A warm feeling run through your body. Sit in silence and breathe, you might find relief in that too.

4) Say ,” Its Fine”.

Say Its Fine

Its fine to be not fine. How does that make you feel? Keep saying it to yourself. Not being fine is also a part of your life’s journey. We crave for the Being fine all the time. We forget its not in our control. The most positive people swear by this little note to self, ” Its fine” It doesn’t make you any gullible. It makes you more adaptable. Takes you close to yourself. In crisis alone we learn the reality of life.  Repeatedly saying ” Its fine to self” is like telling yourself that you would be there with self no matter what you face. Its saying yourself that you love self with all the unconditional love you have. So keep practicing the mantra” Its fine” , you might just start feeling fine automatically.

5) Sleep over it.

Sleep over it

We lose sleep very easily. We are tensed, we sleep less. We are heart broken, we sleep less. We are feeling agitated and frustrated, we sleep less. Guess what, not sleeping only aggravates problems further. Sleep is the medicine that has the power to raise us from the misery. Try sleeping over trivial issues. You might just forget it next morning. Even if you don’t, you have given the mind and the body the required rest to recuperate with surroundings. We underestimate the strength of our bodies. We over estimate the strength of our mind. The mind and body work in a sync. So give them time as well. Sleep as much as you can , solutions will follow.

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