Instagram Generation

We, as a generation are accused for being so tech savvy that most of them have concluded that we lack emotions. An apathy state of mind, they say. Deep in our hearts, this tech savvy generation knows that not all that is being judged about is correct. Here is a video explaining exactly the same. We make the most of our present to remember for the many years to come by and even after that. Its the need to capture the beautiful, the amazing, the sad, the happy, the family, the friends, the lover and everything that is close to our hearts.

Even the most random images are taken with such enthusiasm like it means something to us. Nobody ever explained the Instagram generation like this man did. He just gave a whole new dimension to the Instagram over its futility. A whole new definition. The truth about the Instagram Generation will give you more reason to click and capture. You’ll want to keep capturing endlessly!

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