The city

Mumbai- the city that never sleeps! We all know it why we never sleep. There is so much to do but really less time to achieve in this city. A city were trains are the lifeline and people are just merely people. A city that is greater than people. A city that cannot be explained in words. A place that only can be felt. No one can find enough words that would do justice to explain this city.

A video that will keep you feeling warm for a long time. The poetry narration only adds to the entire feel. You will find tuning into this one again and again. This one grows in you slowly and warmly grips your heart with memories of your own. Each one of us has bought a little place in this mighty city, this video just brings us closer to that place of our own. Missing this video is purely missing out the best video we ever saw that explains : Mumbai.

The city 2

The city 3

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