Let God Be There

LGBT is Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders. LGBT is also Let God Be There. This video that explains the God’s side of story towards the presumed ‘Unnatural’and the assumed “Naturals”. We insists on seeing things through our religious text but does GOD agree with it, we leave it to your imagination or even better- we leave it to this video of clashes!

A disclaimer to those who take religion too seriously, this might give you a cultural shock! But, in the end it manages to explain what exactly we think we know and what exactly is what we do. This 11 minute video has many portions of intelligent writing and sarcastic humor. A combination that will insist you on thinking hard as well as smiling too. You would find yourself smiling sheepishly watching this one. Hope you enjoy the cultural shock like we did!

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