Jimmy Choo cover

So what will you do if left alone with your Dog , the only source of solace in all the misery. Some would sit by the dog, take a walk and start feeling low pondering about the wrong choices in life. But, wait! there are exceptional people and some are just amazingly mind blowing..

Brazialian Illustrator Rafael Mantesso , divorced and nearly abandoned by his wife was left with just the empty house and his Dog Jimmy Choo! What they did after that is just the most quirkiest way to uplift any human’s mood. Jimmy Choo, the bull terrier is nothing less than a rock-star! He posed for all these images like a boss. These fun illustration with the Bull terrier is the most happy thing we saw this day!

Jimmy Choo 1

Jimmy choo 2

Jimmy choo 3

Jimmy choo 4

Jimmy Choo 5

Jimmy Choo 6

Jimmy Choo 7

Jimmy Choo 8

Jimmy Choo 9

Jimmy Choo 10

Jimmy Choo 11

Jimmy Choo 12

Jimmy Choo 13

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