Defame Ice Bucket Challenge

We agree, Ice bucket challenge was the most engaging fun way of charity. It took the world by surprise and amusement. Some billionaires took it, some actors took it and some took it just for fun. This was by far the most viral way of charity. But, there is this other side of world too. Which we surely are not unaware. We are just humans looking for constant entertainment and social media presence.

CLEAN WATER– A struggle in many households around the world. Its only unjust that half of the world can assess clean water, throw it, play with it and can use it at their disposal at any hour of the day , while the other half struggles to even get a bucket of water that has to be sustained for days. We are not moralistically speaking but we intend to bring out the other side of Ice bucket challenge. Let not waste water in the name of charity. The message is really that simple.

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