hijra 4 ed

Imagine a day when you are observed by all on the streets. You are being followed because some people want to know what your gender is. Imagine- days, week, months and years of loneliness, self- doubt, no family or friends support. No one to talk to about your feelings. Difficult to  imagine even for a second. But, for some its their REALITY! Watch this powerful, thought provoking short film on being the other gender.

DARR, as it explains-Fear dwells in their mindset, every action , everything they do. Most of it is imposed by the society or the so – called normal people. Something that unfortunately sabotages lives of many, those are equally a part of the society. Equally Human, equally emotional and equally functional in all the possible manner.In the end, we all are Humans! Watch this short film with a long lasting impact!

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