Alia 1 ed

Alia Bhatt. The star kid. The awesome actor ( Read-Highway). In all this best-ness came a turning point in her life. Koffee with Karan or should  we say the General knowledge debacle. Suddenly her awesomeness relatively fell short in front of her dumbness. A day no one could digest. She became the epitome of all dumbness. A day or comment that will always over shadow her acting skills, at-least that’s what we thought! But then came another day of sunshine in her acting career. She met “THE AIB” and so AIB and Alia Bhatt did some thing  that will grow your mind ( At-least this is what they believe). Now we see her point. What a comeback! Watch this super hilarious comeback of the year. We absolutely get her point. We hope you do to!!

alia 2 ed

Alia 3 ed

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