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‘Murder on Snapchat’ is a video created by Def Wood Productions that will scare you so much that you will definitely start using social networking sites/apps much more carefully!
This video shows a man leading two lives and how he is scared to death by a snap sent through Snapchat. If you are familiar with the app you’ll know what i’m talking about! This video makes you think a lot and will make you more aware. I recommend you not to watch it if you are sensitive to certain topics.
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Hey my name is Jon Conklin and I’m the producer for this Film. this film actually belongs to Def Wood Productions.. Tech Notifications downloaded the original video and uploaded it to their Youtube. Can you please give Credit to Def Wood Productions and replace the youtube link with the proper link from Vimeo?

Hi Jon, sorry for the mistake made by our intern. We have made the correction. Have a wonderful day 🙂