Kids react to the walkman 2

The Sony Walkman was first launched in 1979 and at that time it was a revolutionary device which allowed people to carry music wherever they went. However, after 35 years this device has become outdated and youngsters today don’t even know what a cassette player is. In this Kids react to Walkmans video by The Fine Bros, few youngsters were  given a Walkman and asked to use it. The reactions by the kids are simply priceless and it just made me feel OLD!

It’s wonderful yet a bit horrifying to see how quickly technology changes and how a revolutionary product for one generation can be hard to use or even silly for the next generation. I would really like to see how 15-20 years down the line kids react to the iPhones and the other gadgets that are so popular now.

Kids react to the walkman 1

Kids react to the walkman

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