Game Of Thrones made in India


Indian TV series are know for their excessive drama and you can see the actors, director and everyone else going over the top. Whenever the villain enters the scene or something bad happens, you hear a soundtrack and then the camera zooms into the face of all the characters, which is accompanied with more soundtrack. Luckily the TV series in USA aren’t made like this and we are spared from watching excessive drama that we find in Indian TV series.

However, Ayush Arora has wonderfully edited a scene from Game Of Thrones season 1 to show us what will happen if Game Of Thrones was made in India. He has named the video Sinhasan ke khiladi and he has included all the possible drama that you will get to see in most of the TV series that are shown in India. We are embedding the video from Facebook as the YouTube embedding has been disabled for this video.

Game Of Thrones made in India 1

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