Sunday Times Culture Icons Daft Punk

A well-executed television commercial has a power to connect with the audience regardless of age, era, nation, caste or creed. It makes us experience the emotions all in the matter of few minutes of our time. The art-form in its own, the commercials are getting more creative to grasp our attention and to have a wider reach.

British director duo Us and advertising firm Grey have delivered this ‘iconic’ representation the form of a TVC for the Sunday Times Culture section. By the looks of it, it has been aptly named as ICON. This feature was created for the newspaper’s culture section and focuses on the icons from the world of fine arts, television, cinema and music. The Sunday Times commercial has been made in one whole uninterrupted 50-second shot. In these minimal 50 seconds the advert captures six iconic images from the modern culture. The images precisely capture the essence of modern cultural backdrop which are represented just by a single well-known iconic visual.

So it begins with a Thinker which gradually transforms into Forrest Gump on a bench who changes into Madmen which takes you back in time to Creation of Adam again teleporting you to Reservoir Dogs and finally closing on Daft Punk. All re-created in one uninterrupted 50-second shot! [via Bored Panda]

Here are the iconic images re-created in this wonderful ad :


The Thinker :

Sunday Times Culture Icons the ThinkerSource


Forest Gump :

Sunday Times Culture Icons the Forest Gump

Madmen :



Creation of Adam :

Sunday Times Culture Icons Creation of AdamSource


Reservoir Dogs :

Sunday Times Culture Icons Reservoir Dogs


Daft Punk :

Sunday Times Culture Icons Daft Punk


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