India Lathmar Holi5

Holi is one festival in India which is celebrated and enjoyed by everyone. The festival is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil and also the end of the winter season, welcoming spring.

 Associated Press Photojournalist Altaf Qadri has captured priceless moments of the festival. Every emotion and detail is clearly showcased in the pictures. Mr Qadri has also captured the ‘Lathmar Holi’, which is a smaller celebration which is conducted before the grand Holi celebrations. The joy shown in people’s faces is truly beautiful. Colour smeared over people’s faces, sweets distributed, children and adults all behaving the same, well the list is endless. You will surely relive these moments while taking a look at these photographs.

India Lathmar Holi10

India Lathmar Holi8

India Lathmar Holi7

 India Lathmar Holi6

India Lathmar Holi4

India Lathmar Holi9

India Lathmar Holi3

India Lathmar Holi2

India Lathmar Holi1


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