Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl ad


How often do you come across an adorable puppy-love commercial that literally features a pup in it? Well Budweiser has released its new 2014 Super Bowl ad, days prior to the upcoming event on Sunday, February 2. And if that does not make your heart go “Awwww..” then I don’t know what would. Never thought a beer commercial would make you so emotional and happy at the same time.

The Budweiser Super Bowl ad features a lovable little Labrador-Retriever pup and a quite kingly looking Clydesdale horse and their heartwarming reunion at the end, highlighting the “best buds” tagline with the background score of “Let her go” which sounds so apt for the adopted pup to come back to its adoption house only for the love of it best bud, the horse.

If you are still tearing up over last year’s Budweiser commercial, get ready because here comes the most endearing sequel to it. The new commercial fulfills and sure has lived up to the expectations of the last years Budweiser campaign “Brotherhood”. “Puppy-Love” certainly is befitting as a sequence and most gratifying commercial of Budweiser till date.

Then again how often do you come across an adorably cute puppy-love reunion in a BEER commercial? Go, Have a look.

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