As the winter approaches, Christmas is here and so is the merry cheer and love in the air. And who else could have done it better than the merry team of WestJetters. They sure did an amazing job of spreading lot of smiles across and it turned out to be a pretty impressive marketing gimmick as well.

Winter travels during the holidays are full of hassles with all the bookings and cancellations and crowds and delays. And every now and then an airline will step up and come up with a brilliant feel good factor for its passengers. You will love to watch these WestJet fliers experience a Christmas miracle.

In this case West-Jet has done exactly the same and added miracles to the life of their flyers, literally. More than 250 passengers from Hamilton and Toronto on Calgary-bound flights were the part of this “Christmas miracle” performed by WestJet.

Its hard for Santa to be everywhere in this holiday season and every Christmas a genius marketer is born!  Watch the video and learn how miracles really do happen. HO HO HO !!!

WestJet fliers experience a Christmas miracle


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