As Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher famously said “Once you label me, you negate me”. Pantene has used this very idea to focus on the existent gender stereotype in its new commercial named Labels Against Women. While there have been other television advertisements which fall prey to the gender stereotyping of women against male; Pantene has brilliantly stood “Strong” against it.

The commercial features the twenty first century men and women in a similar setting, but with intense contradictory labels. For instance we witness a man standing on a dais labeled “Persuasive” where as a woman in the same setting is labeled as “Pushy”.

With more such examples the commercial puts forth the biased discrimination that exists between the sexes in the society. The key idea for creating this commercial was to breakdown the gender stereotyping and the negative connotations that exist against women.

Also, Pantene very smartly breaks down such labels and replaces those with the words “Shine” and “Strong” which stand for its shampoo.

Pantene Labels Against Women Ad


Watch the “Labels Against Women” advertisement

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