In another wonderful example of the Pepsi Coke soda wars, this Halloween Pepsi dressed up as Coca Cola and the ad went immediately viral. This ad was created by Buzz In A Box in which you can see Pepsi wearing a red cape with Coca Cola written on it, with the tagline “We wish you a scary Halloween!“. This ad was posted on Ads of the World’s Facebook page and very soon it went viral and was shared by thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter.

However, that did not seem to be the end of it, with someone editing the same picture and imagining how Coke would reply to the Pepsi ad with an awesome response. It used the same ad that Pepsi used but it changed the tagline to “Everybody wants to be a hero” referring to the iconic red cape that Superman wears.

The viral ad by Pepsi

Pepsi dressed as Coke for Halloween AD


And the awesome response

Pepsi dressed as Coke for Halloween AD Coca Cola response

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The response went viral and Coke didn’t even have to pay for it. They win twice!

i have read the article before somewhere the response was not from cocacola it was created by someone hence the 9gag logo. sorry