Married KamaSutra

Before we start, I want to tell you that this is a “Perfectly Safe For Work” article and will guarantee that you will laugh a lot. Now everyone has heard about Kama Sutra and just the name brings some vivid images in front of your eyes. This work created by the ancient Indian writer Vatsyayana is prominently about the art of love making. However, Simon Rich and Farley Katz had some other ideas in their mind when they created the “The Married Kama Sutra“. They have literally created the world’s humorous version of Kama Sutra.

The book looks into the life of married couples and illustrates what usually happens to their love life. We would love to see some reactions from married couples about these illustrations in our comments section.


1. A close call

Married KamaSutra - A close call

2. The interrupted congress

Married KamaSutra - Interrupted congress


3. The dishwasher position

Married KamaSutra - Dishwasher position


4. The perverse lovebirds

Married KamaSutra - Perverse lovebirds


5. The prodding position

Married KamaSutra - Prodding Position


6. The shifting of the standards

Married KamaSutra - Shifting of the standards


7. The stubborn goat

Married KamaSutra - Stubborn goat


8. The waltz of the sloths

Married KamaSutra - Waltz of the sloths


9. The wounded hippopotamus

Married KamaSutra - Wounded hippopotamus


10. A moment’s peace

Married KamaSutra - A moment's peace


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