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All those people who visited this blog in the past few days might have seen our post “30 illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind“.  People just loved the amazing illustrations of Indian gods that were created by the talented artist Anirudh Sainath. He has been creating these beautiful illustrations since some time and he has received lot of appreciation and also faced some criticism from a small section of people. He also has a Facebook page for Molee Art where he shares lot of knowledge apart from sharing his beautiful creations.

Most of the people were in awe of the illustrations, while some pointed out things that they didn’t feel were right and one person who was offended by these pictures. That’s why I thought that it would be better if we get to know more about the person who has been able to evoke so many reactions from Indians and also from people belonging to different nationalities.

However, before we start the interview, here are some of the reactions that we received for Anirudh’s artwork. As there have been many many reactions, I will share only few over here.

Sexiest Gods ever! Bring it on Greeks!

Stunning and spellbound! Wild fantasy of an amateur , yet insanely-creative mind. A li’l nourishment on the knowledge front and this guy can help bring up these avatars as the super heroes this world has probably never witnessed before..

I am an Atheist but as an Art his work. Appreciate the hardwork. Period.

Is it not wrong to create such a kind of illustrations ?, It may hurt may people, but awesome work mate….

Great collection ! I think somebody has to develop GAME from it

It would have been good if LORD SHIVA has been shown more powerful… Since he has more powers than others he was shown as man of simplicity.. the rest were awzum!!


Q1: Tell us something about yourself.

I am a freelance digital artist and I was born and raised in New-Delhi. I started drawing when I was around three years old. I am self-taught and I didn’t go to any art school as such. Drawing was my passion since I was a kid and I barely took any interest in school studies.
I wasn’t the best student in my class LOL! In fact I never liked anything else other than painting, reading comics and playing video games.
After finishing my school I joined Bachelor’s of Fine Art but I left in the second week it-self because I didn’t like how they made art into some kind of engineering like subject with rules which MUST be followed, I always felt art is something that should be done with complete freedom. So it was completely against my principles, plus the professors seemed to be very frustrated and uptight. I joined Law College afterwards but it wasn’t my cup of tea and left it near the end of the first semester.
I realized that college wasn’t meant for me so I decided not to go to a college at all; I never really wanted a degree either. In fact this decision helped me start my career early and it’s going pretty well for me. But then again it doesn’t mean that I’ll advise everyone to leave college, it completely depends from person to person.


Q2: Apart from designing, what are the other things that you love doing?
I love reading epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Indian scriptures like the Vedas and the Upanishads.
Cooking is also one of my interests and also playing video games.


Q3: Which tools do you use for creating your artworks?
I am a Digital artist so I use a graphics tablet to paint on the computer.
The one I am using now is a Wacom Cintiq 21UX tablet with Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended as the software for painting.


Q4: It would be great if you could tell us something about the project on which you are working currently?
I am a freelance artist so I am not working on any particular project as such but I just finished reading the Mahabharata recently and I am trying to paint each and every character (at least the major ones) the way they are described in the text… not sure if that can be considered a project.


Q5: From where did you get the inspiration to create these mythological illustrations?
I already had love for Indian mythology since I was a kid when I used to listen to the stories of the battle between gods and demons. I used to love watching television shows based on Indian mythology when I was small.
Some might mistake me to be a very religious person when in fact I am not religious at all!
Though I do believe in the philosophy of the Vedas and that god is one and his names are many, It’s mainly patriotism that has driven me and also concern regarding that so many are ignorant about the beautiful stories this ancient culture has to offer.


Q6: You have been appreciated a lot for your artwork. Is there any particular instance that you cherish the most?
The moment I cherished the most is when I saw that so many people, even from other faiths took interest in learning about Indian mythology and the culture, and that many of them really started to read the Vedas and the epics instead of relying on television shows to know this ancient culture.

Also, In Bengaluru two gentlemen – a father and son visited my exhibition. They told me they were traditional Mysore painters and that for the past few generations artists in their family had painted for the Mysore royalty.
The father was almost moved to tears, and told me he’s immensely happy with my works… I was very happy but I was at the same time embarrassed because I was not sure if I am worthy of such appreciation… in fact I am still not sure.


Q7: Have you ever faced any problems because of your creations?
I have faced a lot of problem because of my unconventional depictions, though I based them of off what I have read from the scriptures and the artworks I see in ancient temples. I recently was threatened by religious fanatics during my exhibition in Bengaluru in February and three of my paintings were asked to be removed for nudity, though my inspiration for those paintings was from the temple art that is from ancient Indian temples. The irony is that one of the most famous temples with nude artworks is the Halebidu temple in Karnataka.
Another irony is that I was being branded an anti-Hindu though I have encouraged people to read the Vedas and epics like Mahabharata and have been successful to an extent in doing so.
I can only laugh thinking about it…


Q8: Is there any particular artist who has inspired you and defined the way in which you create your designs?
There are many artists who have inspired me! Artists like Andy Park(God of War), Marko Djurdjevic(Marvel), Mukhesh Singh(18 days) ,Peter Lee(Diablo 3), and Noah hk.
These guys are amazing at what they do and have a really strong impact on my artworks.


Q9: When you look back and see the designs that you had created few years back, what difference do you see in those designs and the ones that you are creating now?
I just feel “Man! That is so bad!!” I start laughing at my own artworks when I see how much I didn’t know then and this in turn tells me that in the future I would hopefully be laughing at the artworks that I have made now.
It’s an unusual feeling… it boosts my confidence but at the same time humbles me to a great extent.


Q10: If a person comes to you after checking your artwork, saying he/she wants to become an artist like you and asks for advice, what advice will you give to that person?

Follow what your heart says, that’s all and don’t give a damn what people tell you.

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