Recently while going through Quora, I happened to come across some illustrations of Indian gods which were created by a brilliant artist Anirudh Sainath, who is from Delhi, India. The reason that these illustrations caught my attention is the beauty with which he has created these illustrations and he has created them in his own style which is different from the usual style in which Indian gods have been depicted. For me these gods look like some superhero from a comic book and I simply loved it.

Here is a collage of pictures of Indian gods that we have been seeing since a long time and you will understand why the illustrations by Anirudh are so refreshing.

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Indian Gods

Its time that more people like Anirudh come ahead and create stories about Indian gods with such illustrations in which they fight against evil. This has been done before but the illustrations haven’t been as awesome as these are and if this is done, they will be very popular. Don’t forget to visit his Facebook page and like his creations.


Brahma-God of Creation

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Brahma God of creation



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Vishnu


Vayu – God of Wind

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Vayu - God of Wind


Bhaargava -The axe warrior

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Bhaargava The axe warrior

Rudra – Smoking

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Rudra  Smoking


Yama – God of Death

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Yama-God of Death



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Nandi



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Parashurama


Narasimha Krishna

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Narasimha Krishna


Rama Rides

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Rama Rides


Krishna as Parthasarathy

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Krishna as Parthasarathy


illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Hanuman


Indra: King of Gods

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Indra King of Gods


Murugan-The God Of War

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Murugan-The God Of War



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Hari-Hara



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Ghatotkacha



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Balarama



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Yudhishthira



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Kesava



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Bhima


Durga-Goddess of War

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Durga-Goddess of War



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Arjuna



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Ganesha



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Kalki



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Gun-esha


Indra – Dragon Slayer

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Indra - Dragon Slayer



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Ravana


Varuna-God of Cosmic Order

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Varuna-God of Cosmic Order


Virabhadra-God of Wrath

illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Virabhadra-God of Wrath



illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind - Shiva


Don’t forget to check our interview with the artist and know more about him!!

An interview with Anirudh Sainath from Molee Art

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Create a 3D movie out of the same way replica which you have created the images above, when your images moves, speaks, do as they should in the way you have portrayed. BOSS, I DAMN CONFIDENT, that you will be ONE WHO CAN MAKE DIFFERENT INDIA and ITS HERTIAGE CULTURE. THE BRAHMA IS WITHIN YOU, DON’T WAIT JUST PUT LIFE TO THE ABOVE IMAGES, THEN THE WORLD WILL SEE A NEW 3D BRAHMA AS YOU,


Awesome work man. We need a new game or a badass movie with each of these gods in CGI, Seriously we need a macho version of Ramayana or Mahabaratha. I would like to imagine the Indian gods like this. Keep it up, also most traditional Indians would jump up and down, but who cares, this work is damn good. Our children will be grateful for this renaissance one day.

The best of the heroic bodies of god i have ever seen,. Very Well done. Hats off.You are great Mr. Anirudh . In fact it would be my pleasure to be a student of an artist like you.

Im not too happy with Lord Hanuman’s pic.I mean they have depicted his muscular body really well.but his face looks kinda evil.(sorry Im not supposed to say this)and Ganesh’s pic with the giant mouse looks ridiculous!Even Bhima’s pic cud have looked better.Ganesh with the machine gun looks ridiculous!other drawings were all good


has potential, I can’t believe there is no Khali, and Shiva is the destroyer, and he looks the weakest, ganesh is a joke, that could be much better without the rat. Also there is a focus on the masculine, there needs to be a balance if not an emphasis on female energy, also its indian, so is should be way sexier, I mean durga can have big nurturing breasts while she fights of demons with blood all over her, have you even seen the temple carvings? I mean c’mon it’s India.

I cannot begin to express my appreciation of your artwork. At the risk of repetition, I must say that there can be no “right or wrong” depiction of these gods. They are gods. They are parts and/or forms of THE ONE. Philosophies, concepts, personifications of the abstract. We may have traditional images of them, but how can we expect them to be “absolutely correct”? I just LOVE the new, modern twist – kudos to your creation and innovation. To be honest, I have depicted some of them very similarly myself. The heroic appearance is in line with their reputation – simply by association within our brain. They may have a more soothing side, but do we always have to show that? How many of us take pictures of ourselves with the same attitude or appearance? I totally support this kind of originality. I do have a few things to say about a few of your images in particular:

Brahma – awesome: Seated in a galactic nebula, as a true creator may.

Vishnu – very appealing. But honestly, I am disappointed with this one. I am a real fan of him, and I would like a more majestic and cosmic image of him. In the Vedas, the TRUE GOD is described with 3 names – Vaishvanar, Hiranyagarbh, Ishwar – all contracted into the syllable O’m. Out of these, Hiranyagarbh matches Vishnu – a God floating on the cosmic ocean, whose dreams conjure up different realities and dimensions, which Brahma (seated on the lotus growing out of Hisranyagarbha’s navel) creates. A god of such magnitude needs a more exalted depiction. Still, no arguing your imagination.

Vayu – I like! The strongest of the elemental gods – robes flared in the wind – very appropriate.

Stoner Rudra – Dude – can’t argue with this one either. That is exactly what is said of him, and no one has dared to explicitly show him that way. Good job!

Yama – Great! Dark, ominous, somewhat fearsome – all in line with his portfolio as the god of death and justice. Wish you had made it a less dark so his mace and rope were more visible. Love the glowing eyes. Very Hades.

Nandi – as a minotaur – well imagined.

Narsimha – love it.

Rama riding Hanuman – perfect – just as you would expect a hero in battle. Well posed – delivers the expression of danger and heroism.

Hanuman – love it.

Parthasarathi – why is he so depressed? He was the one who nonchalantly advised Arjun every step of the way. He should have had a more supercilious perhaps condescending expression – but that’s just my opinion. I like it nonetheless.

Bhima, Arjuna, Yudhisthira – love them all – very well depicted as heroes. I’d have expected a little more of Arjuna though. And Bhima was no good at all with the bow – his weapons of choice was, of course, blunt instruments – not unlike himself.

Indra – Good job!!! Befitting the god of the sky, lightning and thunder! He’s supposed to the equivalent of Zeus and Thor (and Odin), and you have captured it very commendably.

Durga – I agree with Utsav – Durga deserves a more majestic depiction too. She’s the personification of Shakti – something that even Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva hold in deep reverence. Her ten (plus) hands beg to be shown in their awesome glory, and her battling persona needs justice – to be shown in more detail. Otherwise, kudos man!

Ganesha – on the dinomouse – I find that funny. Gun-esha? Even better. Did you get the idea from Snout Spout? Not sure whether it’s appropriate (I’m not talking religion or morality here, just adherence to traditional “definition”), he is supposed to be the cute, cuddly benevolent god of success. But of course, love the imagination.

Kalki – VERY appropriate! He’s supposed to appear in the future, hence his sci-fi vehicle and weaponry fits well.

Indra as dragon slayer – love it. My only objection is at a personal level – I am an obsessed dracophile (addict of dragons). But I shall imagine that it’s an evil dragon that he’s slaying, so it’s OK, lol :-)

Ravana – I AGREE! He had vimanas – and I LOVE the one you’ve drawn. Evil king on an inexorable flying machine – glowing thrusters and all!

Varuna – I guess you have drawn the original Varun freshly imported from Sumerian mythology into the Vedas – where he was more or less the unified Brahma + Vishnu + Yama. We actually had a long discussion about this on my friend’s facebook page. It’s great to see him in this form and not just a mere sea god (as he was later demoted to). Good of you to dig him out of ancient history.

Rudra again – love his nonchalant pose. Since he’s also the “tamas” (end of the creation cycle), I believe that he too, deserves a more venerable, mysterious, cosmic depiction. Maybe one of your future endeavors?

All in all – major kudos! You all think like I do – true artists after my own principles and opinions. Awesome imagination! Creativity and innovation. Masterpieces all of them. And doubly deserving of appreciation for giving a more worldly appearance to Aryan deities. Keep up the good work. I’d definitely like to follow your future artwork! Bravo!

Is it not wrong to create such a kind of illustrations ?, It may hurt may people, but awesome work mate….

It would have been good if LORD SHIVA has been shown more powerful… Since he has more powers than others he was shown as man of simplicity.. the rest were awzum!!

Super stuff… I was a bit dismayed by the fact that Shiva (the Adi Yogi) hasn’t been given his rightful due here…

If you can create a fantastic Rudra Roop rendition of Shiva, then you will have another fan added to your already burgeoning fan following…

Cheers & All the best!!!
May the creative force be ever active within you!!!

Absolute Genius!!! Take a bow Anirudh sainath and Pankaj Parasar as well. Pankaj you matched Anirudh’s art with your words.

Hats off to your talent… “take a bow”
But these don’t appeal as GODS, I am not saying it because its modernized. They don’t sooth mind when you look at them. These pictures take your concentration, they distract your mind.
I feel, I sense lots or negative vibes when I look at them.
PS: I am not saying any thing negative about your art.

Super awesome! Glad someone finally decided to break out of the goody goody images poured into our minds slowly but surely over the years and give these guys a badass makeover. I’m not a complete believer in the fact that they all existed and even more so in such super-human avatars…but if at all they did…this is how i’d like to imagine them!!

Only 3 disconnects”
1. Are you sure you’re showing Krishna as Parthasarthy in that image and not Bhishama?
2. While i’m not against the ascetic look of Shiva…would love to see one rendition where he’s the awesomest of all!
3. I miss Karna here. Possibly the most talented and the unsung hero of Mahabharat. Would love to see him.

I agree on #1. Looks more like Bheeshma than Krishna. But that too is contradictory. Bheeshma didn’t survive the rain of arrows from Arjuna long enough to sit in front of a fire. If it’s Krishna, he can’t be shown pierced by arrows: although he’s a god in mortal form, he was still consistently described as invulnerable throughout his stories.

I agree on #2 too, as I have mentioned below in my comment.

No Wonder if people come and break your illustrations.
Your creativity is spell bounding
With a little bit more knowledge on hindu gods and little respect to them you can bring these superheroes live in people’s consiousnes rather than those non existing superman batman, phantom, heman
You have a great responsibitity dear
Wish you all the best

Nice work man.I know some people won’t like it but these are imaginary images, these can be of any shape any design. When we talk about power of nature it can be of any shape. Please do come out of old mind set otherwise don’t comment.

Let the war begin and the blood shed. We nee only god. Lets fight and find out who wins…

i think if u create a god like super hero in our vision mind that creation depend to suggest our mind follow to right sugestion for best $ best every part like job business every part but if u not considered it then follow to evil —- simple

Dear Rahul, appreciate your creativity. being a true muslim i must, & i do respect your religion. however, when i come across these verses from the vedas which say, “na tasya pratima asti”which means “There is no image of Him.” in Yajurveda chapter 32:3. and the Brahma Sutra “Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan” which means “There is only one God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the least bit.”

further, as Mr. Pankaj Parasar said, since we havnt seen any1 of them we cant create true image. all we can do is keep the special features like, elephant head, or a monkey face or blue body and so on. in such case don’t u think every bald man becomes Mahatma Gandhi??….

expect clean & healthy discussion. so that we can understand each other better, apologise if i said any thing wrong. Salam (Peace be on you.)

Your are totally correct!
But there is another simple point you missed! God/Allah/Ishwar is both Nirakar (image-less) & Sakar (having a form). Think in this way. If our Almighty (God/Allah/Ishwar) can create & control millions of galaxies, stars, planets & billions of animal species, insects, all the natural elements PLUS human beings like us, then CAN’T He create demi-gods & goddesses??? These demi-gods are none but His elements only (in the form of power). For example, air, water, earth, sky, etc., etc.

What ALL non-Hindus (even most Hindus) make the terrible mistake is, differentiating between Brahm AND all other gods + godesses!!!

Brahm == God == Allah == Ishwar == Bhagwan.
Shiva, Brahma (note the ‘a’) and Vishnu is the trinity which again are the main parts or creation of Brahm/God/Allah/Bhagwan, and they have separate responsibility for running the show in this universe.
In other words, all demi-gods & goddesses branch out from the same Brahm (which you call Allah and Christians call as God).

Brahm is the image-less form and all the others are the sakar form (of Him only). Simple. Because as we human beings are incapable of imagining (or visualizing) the image-less form of Brahm/Allah, even with all our senses, so He created so many Sakar forms out of Himself only.

Definitely or obviously there is only ONE creator which you call Allah and Hindus as Ishwar/Paramishwar/Bhagwan and whatever… :-)

Hinduism cannot be understood JUST by referring Vedas!!! Sorry. Vedas explain the Sanatan Dharma (which is the SOURCE of Hinduism). Today, even 90% Hindus in the world makes the mistake of mixing up of Sanatan Dharma with Hinduism as same 😉

If you took time to read about any of these Gods…you’d observe that they spent a major part of their lives dedicated to war.

I am an avid follower of Molee Art (founded by Anirudh Sainath) from the very early days. I discovered his art while I was searching for Indian Mythological characters renditions, for example Ramayan 3392 A.D.. I don’t know the exact connection but he appears to be very close to the founders of Holy Cow Entertainment who create comic book series RAVANAYAN.

To my belief his claim that the characters in his art works are close to as described in the puranas and vedas is true; because he not only cites the source of his research but also he explains with great lucidity the meaning of the hymns and the intricate phrases written in Sanskrit. Sometimes his artworks have been frowned upon by religious sects, which could be one of the reason he is not present on facebook anymore.

It can hurt our sentiments to see the Gods we worship in different forms than we could imagine. But that is more a matter of our convenience than the truth. As nobody in this generation or few hundred generations before did actually see any of our Gods in real, nobody can vouch for their exact appearance. It is discernible that if we saw from the very beginning Sainath’s depiction and now if somebody showed us the cute, beautiful version of the Gods, we would have frowned anyway. The question that pops its head is Why can’t gods be fierce?

Let me just give me an example. When Mahisasur, one of the greatest demon king and one of the greatest warrior of all times, who even the king of Gods could not defeat was killed by a woman – The Shakti – Durga as we know her. Can we really expect her to be a little woman looking cute and beautiful and charming while killing the demon himself? Lets be practical for a second at least. Have we ever even tried to look at our faces in the mirror when we get angry?

Should we take another example of Lord Hanuman? The monkey god, the greatest servant of Lord Ram, who lifted one of the greatest mountains with one hand and flew, who gulped the Sun while he was a kid, and who could maul the demon army of Great Raavan can’t be logically expected to be a calm, quiet and docile looking monkey. When did last time M1 Abrams 2 tank from US Marine corps looked docile to us?

I admit that they are gods, I also tend to believe that they are fearsome war machines too, who protected the good from the evil. As the general logic goes, one has to be bigger or better than pne’s enemy to defeat it. Asuras were stealth fighters, could deploy several strategies and create mirage to mislead. If one had to beat them, one had to be equally good if not better.

Finally, what one believe is one’s to keep. One may or may not believe in god but forcing someone else to accept one’s view is as ridiculous as it is hilarious. When one can’t accept others views, how does one expect the other to accept his.

Let creativity flourish. Anirudh is a brilliant artist and his mind is capable of something that most of us hurt to imagine. Let him do his best. At the end of it, an artist’s fodder is acceptance. If larger audience will not accept, he may not produce those but lets not try to rule over him. So let’s test our patience for a while, should we?

That’s a wonderful comment. I totally agree with you. We need to be more tolerant and learn to respect other people’s opinions and views rather than blocking what we don’t like.

I absolutely love these. I like the creative direction and liberty you took with them. I can understand the complaints others are posting from a cultural standpoint, but having the same respect for these gods, one should be able to appreciate the skill, creative mind and talent behind these. Its exciting and animating and most of all creative, which art is about. You made it your own and I am in awe at your creations. Keep up the outstanding work!

Amazing conceptualisation. I truly believe the newer take on these gods are bringing them a little closer to reality and removing the shroud of misinformation that has been fed to indian people for so long by media. the ACTUAL vedas describe them as violent and more primal ( especially the elemental gods) than they are depicted in most images in mass media now. Especially love your depiction of shiva as it hits closest to to the mark i believe. For the information of the people complaining, Shiva is NEVER described as being muscular. like not even once. his physical form itself is just a metaphor for a force of the universe. The only depiction i would have liked differently is maybe yama, because most of the stories of yama actually describe him as being the most just and incredibly stable and peaceful person…

I love arjuna, bhima and vishnu. genius stuff man. will be on the lookout for more.

You seem to be very creative person as well as have some knowledge of Hindu scriptures.
Looks like a little brainstorming can get you to do wonders. If you like, I will be happy to guide you. If you are suspicious as who you are talking… just google my name “Poonam Gupta-Krishnan.”

Good luck.

I love how u portrayed Vishnu my well wishes to to in all your future wrks

Pictures are amazing. But I think that the traditional pictures of Indian Gods give a different kind of soothing feeling and give a sense of friendliness. Some of your pictures depict them as violent which promotes fear towards them which Hinduism does not promote. I think that’s the reason they have been pictured since so long.

Not beautiful. They look like some videogame characters. Please don’t manipulate God atleast. What on Earth was “Gun-esha” ??? Why does Bhramha Dev have wicked white eyes? Lord Ganesha did not ride a “dinosaur-mouse”, did he? Lord Vishnu resides in the Ocean, not in the snow… What kind of a msg are you thinking of passing on to your next generation?

The message is good, be creative. This is where imagination can take you, weren’t the pictures of the gods created by someone’s imagination in the first place. Can you open your mind a little bit.

Ever stayed in the same clothes for 10000 years??? Try it…and you’d get the picture

Amazing stuff. We really need stuff like this coming out into the mainstream. I’m sure the deities are themselves tired of the old look which people keep worshipping. Hats off man…keep it up…all of em are awesome

I just happened to stumble upon this! Some GREAT drawings. Loved them. If you ever draw the picture of Krishna and Kaliya the snake, i would love to see it.
Keep up the aweeesome work mate.

Amazing work hats off
But pls a new image for shiva
He is the god os awesomeness
Needs to be stronger…
Rest beautifully done

Well believe me these were just how I wanted them pictured. However, I dont quite like the way Vishnu turned out. You could have done it better. Then Ma Durga’s image needs to be a little bigger, like a close up. And Parthasarathy is awesome, but that huge logo in the middle is just offensive, take it to a corner. And lastly, Dude Shiva is like the most muscular hunk out there, what type of depiction is that?

However I would like to add that these were Awesome, I would give you gold if I had any! 😛

BTW do you take requests? You think you can make one for Angaraj Karna?

Whoa dude.. totally awesome and badass drawings. However, I have a few questions:

1. Why are so many here (Vayu, Yddhistira, Bhaargava, Parashurama, Indra, Murugan, Bhima, Brahma) white? Why is Indra blond? Does fairness equate with beauty in your mind? I’d have loved to see someone brown.. like non-white and non-blue.
2. Why is uber-God Shiva so emaciated?

Other than that, big fan of your artwork.

Would request you to read Vedas fully and then you will understand and will have a clear picture of how the gods are described in them. Whatever we know as of today from various points like TV, Stories, etc., are not 100% true.

Absolutely true! That is what is in my mind. We need no know and understand and realize the Forms(roopa) of God to whatever extent we can by study of Vedas and Shastras. Also they have different Bhaav(emotions) and avtars (personality and looks) at different times and situations.