We have seen some stunning pictures of Earth taken from orbit or the moon but have you ever wondered how Earth will look like if you saw it from Saturn. It seems even NASA was thinking about the same thing and last week they released colour pictures of Earth and the moon which were taken by Cassini space craft from 1.5 billion kilometers away while it was orbiting Saturn. These pictures are available for download on NASA’s website. The pictures of Earth are not that pretty considering how tiny our planet is when compared to Saturn or Jupiter and they have been taken from a really really long distance. Still its feels wonderful to see how our beautiful planet looks from Saturn, even if it appears like a tiny dot in the space.

Earth Cassini Saturnsource


Cassini is a space craft launched by NASA to study Saturn and its moons. It was launched in 1997 and it reached Saturn in 2004. Cassini is the first space craft which has entered the orbit of Saturn and its probe Huygens landed on Titan which is a moon of Saturn to collect data on the moon. The images below have been released by NASA.


Earth shining Cassini Saturn source

Earth and Moon Cassini Saturn


Via : Business Insider

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