Currently its monsoon season in some parts of the world, especially in many Asian countries. After the harsh summer, monsoon brings about many pleasant changes in the environment. Shooting in the rain might be tough, but the pictures that are clicked look beautiful and mesmerizing. There are lots of things you can shoot while its raining, be it the beautiful rain drops or the reactions of the people who are having fun or trying to find a place to hide from the rain. We have made a collection of 30 beautiful photos clicked during the rains. If you like taking photos then do check these wonderful examples of rain photography for inspiration. We hope that you love the pics.



Examples of rain photography


Examples of rain photography1


Examples of rain photography2


Examples of rain photography3


Examples of rain photography4


Examples of rain photography5



Examples of rain photography6


Examples of rain photography7




Examples of rain photography8


Examples of rain photography9

Examples of rain photography10


Watch The Rainfall





Rain rain go away

Rain by ~xark


transparent weather-rain photography




Let it rain





Examples of rain photography11



Examples of rain photography12

Examples of rain photography13



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