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These tempting school lunches around the globe is the best thing you'll see today!!
8 awesome parody posters of Oscar nominated movies by Riptcademy awards

  The 2015 Oscars are over and it was a wonderful event where the best movies of the year were honoured. The people at RIPTApparel...

People talk. But, some take it too literally. Read this 9 signs of a really talkative person!

Language of lying is the most interesting thing you'll see this day!!

This man was caught watching 50 shades of grey! Watch the cute sheepishness!!

You and me forever video will make you rethink, everything!

Las Vegas, the Sin city captured from the very top. This is simply outstanding!!

This Bull's story is the most saddening fact! Shame..

A flipbook marriage proposal!! the best way to make a proposal!!
No More's Super Bowl ad on domestic violencevideo

The first ever Super Bowl commercial addressing domestic violence and sexual assault is here and already has everyone talking about it. The ad is...

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